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Parking vehicles and putting up tents etc is only allowed in assigned places. Wires are not permitted outside assigned lots unless approved by the secretariat.



To consume alcohol while handling vehicles or weapons is prohibited.

Rubbish is placed in the dustbins.

Parking only on assigned lots. For private vehicles this is either on the visitors parking place or on the other side of the small river on the field to the right just after 'Mölleröds kungsgård'.


Only weapons indicating fire are allowed. No form of projectiles, as for example Paintball, are permitted. During demonstrations firing is only permitted in the demonstration field. Other times firing is allowed  in connection to the camp for example when demonstrating the equipment. Before such firing the audience should be warned as a preventive measure to avoid hearing-impairment and to avoid sensitive persons and animals being scared.

   Between 9 PM and 9 AM there should be NO firing!

All firing with projectiles is prohibited!


Driving with the exhibit vehicles is only allowed at assigned place and time.

Outside transportation roads and demonstration field there SHALL be a vehicle leader!

On the grounds the speed limit is set to 20 km/h.


Cross-country driving is permitted during time and place specially stated.

I’m aware of that as a participant at “Mollerod” I’m not allowed to express my political opinion or point of view, neither in action nor with symbols.

Press “I Accept” in order to come to the sign up sheets.